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Steps to finding the perfect office space

Finding the right office in Dubai is quite a challenging task as the economy of Dubai comprises of the small and medium enterprises. If you are looking for an office space in Dubai, here are certain tips to keep in mind. Starting from your budget, you need to keep in mind the size of the office space you need to rent, time, location, expertise etc.

Budget is an Important Aspect to Consider for Renting Office Space

Budget office space

For office space rental your budget would play a huge role. Dubai offers scores of office solutions that includes flexible office space for rent in DIFC Dubai. It offers smart office solutions such as fully-furnished executive offices, private office spaces, co-working, and shared spaces and virtual office spaces. In addition to the operating and renting expenses, there are other costs to consider while planning for setting up an office. The various costs to consider are visa processing, additional licensing, security deposits, ‘potential’ fit-out price and much more.

Considering the Amount of Space to Set Up an Office Is Important

Considering the Amount of Space to Set Up an Office Is Important

When it comes to looking for an office space in Dubai for accommodating your business, it is important to take into account the municipality regulations, visa ratios, the future and current headcount growth as these are important factors and many times overlooked.

Office Location is An Important Factor to Take Into Consideration


Finding the right location for your office is an absolute necessity for beginning your business. The office owners need to consider a host of aspects before deciding an office space. One of the key considerations is the strategic location of the office and how close it is to potential customers. The other factors to consider are ease of commuting for the staff and the access to the various facilities.

Timing is Essential When Planning to Set Up Office in Dubai

Planning to Set Up Office in Dubai

You should carefully consider the time required to look around and decide on a suitable office space. You need to take into account the various factors needed to set up an office like license set-up, market research, lease signing, commercial negotiation and much more. All these things take time probably about 3 to 6 months and you need to allot that much of time.

For office space rental, you could take the help of adept consultants such as Spider Business Centre. They provide customizable office spaces at plush locations in Dubai. For office space for rent in DIFC Dubai, you can choose from scores of options such as co-working, shared, private or executive office spaces.