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Simple steps to follow for renting office in UAE

Dubai market is promising for foreign investors. If you are dreaming of setting up your company in Dubai, here are the steps you need to follow. Dubai offers a wide range of smart office solutions such as shared office space, co-working spaces, private and executive offices and virtual offices. However, if you do not want to include any middlemen in the procedure or be hoodwinked by one, you can carry out the task of renting an office in Dubai all by yourself.

Look Up Various Websites to Find the Right Office to Rent

Find the Right Office to Rent

When you are looking for office spaces to rent in Dubai, you need to take into account several factors such as the location, connectivity, the range of services offered, cost consideration etc. Apart from these basic factors, the other things you need to consider while deciding on a rental office are the amount of security deposit to be given; the rental amount; the number of cheques you have to give over the rental year; whether the office is unfurnished or furnished and much more.

Shortlist a Few Rental Offices Before Zero In On One

Shortlist a Few Rental Offices

Soon after you have prepared a list of office spaces you need to shortlist a couple of them according to your need and then get in touch with the contact person. It is better to formulate a good plan and then narrow down the preferred locations about 3 months ahead. Depending on the area where you wish to set up your office, you need to pay extra.

Before Into an Agreement, You Must View the Office Unit


It is essential to view the office property before taking a decision to rent it. If you choose your office in a prime location such as office space in world trade centre you have to shell out more. You need to keep a couple of things in mind for choosing the right rental property such as access from and to the bus stop, metro station; safety of the neighbourhood; how close it is to your residence; the availability of parking facilities etc.

Other Formalities for Renting Office Space in Dubai

Formalities for Renting Office Space

The price to rent an office is calculated for 1 year. The next step is paying for the security deposit and waiting for the lease documents to be ready. The ‘real estate’ agent would prepare all the valid documents required for concluding a rental agreement. All the negotiations related to the contractual terms must be settled before the two parties sign the ‘final lease’ agreement.

While looking around for office spaces to rent in Dubai, you can take the help of competent consultants. They offer a wide range of smart office solutions in prime locations. Get your office space in world trade centre at a fair price with the help of Spider Business Centre consultants. You can select from an array of options such as co-working or shared spaces, executive office, private office or virtual office.